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To The table of the technical field

The Outline of the Technical Field

 It is possible to deal with the following essential technology and applied technologies.
 Please look at a table about details or actual results.

(1) Network, such as the Internet,LAN
(2) Computer, Image Processing, Program, Software, Hardware, Business model,Electronic Commerce (EC)
(3) System Control
(4) Microbe Engineering, Biochemistry, Botany, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology
(5) Oceanography
(6) GPS, GIS, etc.
(7) Electricity, Electromagnetism, and Electron
(8) Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Electrochemistry
(9) Physics (Superconductivity is included)
(10) Various apparatus
   (a)Medical Apparatus
         such as MRI, Eectronic Endoscope, X ray CT Scan,Chemical-Analysis Apparatus, Diagnostic Apparatus
   (b)Processing Production Machines,
(11) Vibration Suppression Apparatus, Vibration Suppression Structure
(12) Civil Engineering, Architecture

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